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Question Description


Here is my project I have to turn in. The indications are below as posted by the professor. There is a link for a video that you need to watch (only 5 min long) and from there identify the problem we need to write about. Now, I have already identified the problem which is stated as “problem” as follow: nutrition imbalance, less than body requires” as the patient has lost 14 lb in a short amount of time. From there just follow the points. If you have any questions about the assignment do not hesitate to contact me. But like I mentioned I already identified the problem.

Also attached I will upload the discharge orders of the patient.

As a group, observe the simulated “Home Visit With Sallie Mae Fisher” video (

Refer to “Sallie Mae Fisher’s Health History and Discharge Orders” for specifics related to the case study used to inform the assignment.

Using “Home Visit With Sallie Mae Fisher” and “Sallie Mae Fisher’s Health History and Discharge Orders,” complete the following components of this assignment:

Essay Portion

After viewing the home visit, write an essay of 100-200 words in which you do the following:


Nutrition Imbalanced, less than body requirements

  • Identify, prioritize, and describe at least one problemABOVE: (nutrition Imbalanced, less than body requirements).
  • Provide substantiating evidence (assessment data) for the problem identified.
  • Identify and describe at least two medical and/or nursing interventions.
  • Discuss your rationale for the interventions identified.

Prepare this step of the assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

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