United states health care system

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In two paragraphs, describe any public program that serves as a source to finance the U.S. healthcare system. Describe the specific policy and the program that occurred as a result of the policy and the intended target population.


Consider your readings on the challenges, debates and successes of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010. Using figure 3 (located in week 1 resources) “How a bill becomes a law,” and this weeks’ scholarly readings, select any area within this diagram to describe any issue(s) that may have occurred during or after the process of the PPACA transforming from a bill to an actual law. For example, you can describe:

● How did “the people” influence the passage of this healthcare bill? (What evidence

supports this?)

● Describe a specific state legislature that supported or opposed the bill? (Offer details)

● Describe the “Committee” in the legislative body who was responsible for reviewing

health care bills.

● Describe one debate or amendment to the ACA bill prior to its adoption into law.

● Were there any issues with the budgets associated with the ACA bill?

● Were there any public hearings during the Committee sessions? If so, provide a


● Describe any debates to overturn the ACA

UMUC journal articles can also be used to support your discussion response this week

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