tax planning research

The Course Project involves tax planning research culminating in two reports that will be submitted to the CEO of USco, a U.S. Corporation. The first report (Tax Planning Considerations for Employees) will involve tax planning issues related to the organization’s employees and the second report (Tax Planning Considerations for USco) will involve to tax planning issues related to the organization itself with respect to proposed international operations. USco designs and manufactures specialized equipment used in various manufacturing applications. The organization is contemplating expanding its operations overseas. The CEO has questions concerning the form of expansion (branch office, subsidiary, etc.) and the impact on employees (U.S. citizens living abroad, Nonresident aliens, resident aliens, etc.) and the tax implications for the organization itself.


For purposes of this Assignment, you will select your own country of interest for the proposed expansion. Make sure that your selected country is one that has a tax treaty with the United States. You can find a listing of these tax treaty countries at the IRS website ( Click on the business link, then international businesses. You will find tax treaties as one of the international business topics.

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