Self-Improvement Project Report On Budgeting

  • My papers for this assignment for the quarter are attached.
  • Body
  • 1. Reason for choosing this project: (200-300 words)
  • 2. Summarize: 
    • a. Plan Stage: Paper clearly addresses the goal or overall aim of what the Improvement Project is trying to accomplish; details obJectives; identifies evidence-based research. Includes introduction, review of literature.
    • Research and Documentation: Synthesizes in-depth information from relevant sources representing various points of view/approaches; APA format and style of citation used appropriately throughout the paper; adequate number of sources referenced. (4-5 pages). 
    • b. Do Stage: Paper describes what the intervention was and what was done; details changes made; describes how actions were based on research; details how the data was collected and by whom. Includes aim statement, changes implemented, how will you know if improvement has been made.
    • c. Study Stage: Paper describes how the change is an improvement; details what data was collected; displays data in an appropriate format; details what went right, wrong, and what changes can be made that will result in improvement. Includes Likert scale and run chart (required). Was the project a success?
  • d. Act Stage and Summary of Learning:
  • Plan of how to sustain efforts. Address the following:
    • · Was this a positive learning experience?
    • · What lessons have you learned?
    • · Have the changes become an integral part of daily activities?
    • · What is your structured plan to continue efforts you have gained?
    • · How might you apply the PDSA Improvement Model in the future?
  • Reference Page
  • 1. Al least two (2) scholarly articles, and
  • 2. At least one (1) reliable websites. 
  • 3. Proper APA referencing format
  • 4. Proper APA citations. 
  • Length: Paper length 8-10 pages (4-5 of which describes your research) NOT including title and reference page. Arial size 12 font preferred, 1 inch margins, 1.5 spaced.
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