LASA – Case Study Writing Assignment TOPIC Bacillus Anthracis

 LASA – Case Study Writing Assignment TOPIC Bacillus anthracis
  Instructions  The major project for this course will be to create a detailed case study discussing a bacterial organism we cover during the course. A list of acceptable organisms will be provided for you to choose from. Once you have selected an organism, you will research and write a formal report. The report should be 4-6 pages, written in the APA (6th edition) format. Use at least 3 credible resources (one may be the textbook). As with any writing assignment, be sure that you edit the assignment for any spelling or grammatical errors. Make sure that the information obtained from your references has been restated in your own words and has proper in-text citations. The assignment will be run through to assess originality. Please refer to the course syllabus and Catalog for policies and procedures related to plagiarism and academic dishonesty. A simple example of a case study has been posted to doc sharing to give you an idea of how to format this assignment. Please note that the sample posted does not include all required components for this specific assignment! It is only meant to give you a general idea of how to organize your paper. Refer to the required content and notes described below to make sure that all components are present in your final submission! You may also wish to review the posted grading rubric before submitting your final draft.   
 Summary of Required Content  Cover Page   Part A – The Case Study (1-2 pages)   Part B – The Discussion (2-4 pages)    Part C – The Quiz (1 page)   Part D – The References (0.5 page)   
 Cover Page  Please refer to APA resources (Writing Center, Academic Resource Center, Purdue OWL website) for instructions on how to format a cover page.  Part A – The Case Study – Specific Components   Relevant patient history   Clinical presentation    Laboratory findings    Final diagnosis    Treatment and patient outcome   
 Part A – The Case Study – Additional Notes/Hints  In Part A, you are writing a case study about a fictitious (made up) patient infected with a disease caused by the organism you have selected. You should describe symptoms and a clinical history that makes sense for the organism and disease selected. You should list general lab results that are relevant for the disease (i.e. CBC results, chemistry values, urinalysis results, etc.) as well as traditional microbiology work up results (Gram stain, culture plate morphology, biochemical tests, and so on). Once you have described the history, symptoms, and lab findings, you should state the official diagnosis. You should also discuss the specific treatment used for this patient, as well as this patient’s final outcome (i.e. did they recover, did they experience any complications, etc.). When completed, Part A should be about 1-2 pages long.   
 Part B – The Discussion – Specific Components  Organism habitat & transmission  Clinical significance of organism  Specimen collection & processing procedures  Laboratory identification procedures  Treatment protocols & antimicrobial susceptibility pattern   
 Part C – The Quiz – Additional Notes/Hints In Part C you will develop a quiz to check reader comprehension. The quiz should have a minimum of 5 multiple choice questions that the reader could answer after reading your case study and discussion (Parts A and B). You must also submit an answer key for the quiz. When completed, the quiz should be about 1 page   
 Part D – The References – Specific Components  Minimum of 3 fully cited references in APA format   
 Part D – The References – Additional Notes/Hints In Part D you are simply providing a correctly formatted reference list. You should have been restating and citing your references along the way as you wrote Parts A and B. These in-text citations direct the reader to the reference list, where they can find complete information about the resources you have used to write this paper. Your reference page will be about 0.5 pages long when formatted correctly. Make sure you use a minimum of 3 credible resources. One of these resources can be your textbook. A credible resource can be a textbook, a reference manual, a journal article, or even a website. The best place to search for references is the Online Library (linked through your student portal), which provides access to dozens of peer-reviewed reference sources. If you’re not sure how to research using the online library, please reach out to the Writing Center, the Academic Resource Center, or the Library here on campus. Contact your instructor or the BSMT program chair if you aren’t sure how to contact these resources.   

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