hr paper 5 7 pages needed

Instructions: You have been hired by the XYZ Company as a conflict-resolution consultant. The company has just taken on a global flavor through a merger with a foreign firm. In addition, they are experiencing an unusual number of employee grievances. HR has also noted an unusual number of interpersonal squabbles between co-workers, and a recent employee survey showed that many workers felt that there was inequitable treatment among the employees in their departments.

  • What are the underlying sources of this conflict?
  • What cultural or diversity issues may be contributing to the conflict?
  • What additional information would you want to have to thoroughly address these problems?
  • What method or system would you recommend to address these problems and why?

In responding, you must cite a minimum of three sources, one of which may be your course textbook. The others must be a scholarly journal or credible news source within the past 24 months.   


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