Zoot Suit Riots Discussion

1. 15 page formal paper (exclusive of title page, endnotes, bibliography, appendixes, tables, and any images). Papers need to be drawn from a minimum of eight independent primary documents and ten secondary sources. Primary documents can betaken from online sources. At least five of your secondary sources must be from a UCLA library. You are allowed to take only one secondary source per journal or book.

Professor will provide a list of research topics from which you are to choose. Only those topics will be allowed.

2.Format Style: Chicago Manual of Style; Use of endnotes, no footnotes or parenthetical notes allowed. Quotes should not be more than 2 lines in length and the total number of quotes should be limited to a reasonable amount.

3.Paper Topics: Zoot Suit Riots

.Each paper should have a clearly defined thesis that is definitively documented by use of both primary and secondary sources.

.Papers should focus on a small topic within one of the two broad topics indicated above. “Big” topics or papers that skip from one issue to the other generally are too general or vague to earn an A grade.

4. No quotes longer than 2 typed sentences are allowed

5.Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Students found guilty of plagiarism will be reported to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.

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