Written Assignment

Select an industry or business with historical significant of America’s growth of 1950-2000. Your research will explain how the business/industry changed Americans. What did this industry or business achieve and how did this impact our present-day operation?

Suggested industries may be in computers, Xerox machines, laser instruments in industries to medical procedures, robots in factories, satellites to predict weather conditions, or educational advancements in publications and toys, there are numerous topics to consider for this assignment. Again, this will be discussed in class for possible topics.

  • Three reference sources are required. Avoid sources that are not creditable, such as Wikipedia, Crystallites, websites that are .com
  • Articles and journals from Credo and Ebsco are a good sources to review
  • Be careful of quotes, while they may enhance your document, only one is acceptable. Otherwise, consider to paraphrase portions of your research.


  • Assignments are college typed in the following format:
    • One page of text
    • Double spaced
    • Title page, that includes your name, course, instructor’s name
    • Spelling and grammar check for content of topic/thesis
    • Reference page, sources listed in alphabetical order by author’s last name

* APA guidelines for cited sources required

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