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2. Essay + Working Bibliography In the RIP Essay, your job is to write a paper, in the first person, with two separate goals:

  • To persuade your audience of a message — a version of the same message you are trying to persuade in your RIP Project, but you’ll convey it differently, because this is an academic essay. This part of the essay should use the book/film you’re discussing as primary source evidence, and should include rhetorical analysis of that source. It should look a lot like your RA essay! The “message” of your RIP project will become the main claim (thesis) of this part of your RIP essay.
  • To explain to your audience why you created your RIP Project, and what rhetorical choices you made in order to communicate your message within the genre of your project. This part of the text should draw on the model texts (you’ll find several models of your chosen genre, from which you’ll find and emulate genre conventions) as secondary sources. Here, you will treat your RIP Project as your primary source. Your main claim (thesis) will be something like, “this genre offers me an effective way to convey my message to my audience because…”

The RIP essay should be between 500-800 words long. A minimum of 2 secondary sources (genre models) must be cited in the essay, that demonstrate your understanding of your chosen genre. The essay will also be accompanied by your Working Bibliography, which will explicitly state what you drew from each model. Each description should contain the following information, written in your own words:

    • Brief description and analysis of the author’s ethos, credentials and background (Google this info; 1-2 sentences);
    • Summary of the author’s main argument
    • Explanation of how you used this source as a model your RIP project: what genre conventions did you observe in it?
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