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  • For today’s writing, you will return to your “Where I’m From” freewrites and study them for ideas to use in the assignment due today. For today, you will write a 1.5 – 2 page paper on your MLA-formatted essay template that considers a specific problem in the place you are from and what might be done about it given the assets or wonderful things about that place.
  • Exceeds B :
    • Be especially specific, impactful, and insightful.
    • Will “paint” a picture of the place, issues, and solutions.
    • Will be crystal clear with no need to double-back when reading to understand what’s being said.
    • Will be at least 2 pages long.
    • this is the where i’m from freewrite:
    • I am from the waves of the ocean I am from the rocks that the ocean hit
    • I am from the blue sky that has no end
    • I am from the friends that love with no condition,And trust with all my heartI am from playing in the sand And laughing for the memories that we createI am from the living animals in the oceanI am from the Dolphins, Sharks, Turtles, RaysI am from the deep blue ocean.Places I’m From “Injustice”I am from the world that fights over things don’t matterI am from the world that caring makes you weakI am from the world that blames you for something you haven’t doneI am from the world that believes elders are always rightI am from the world the choices are made for youI am from the world that brings sadness to each otherI am from the big world that humanity doesn’t care about each other Places I’m From “Stand Against Injustice” I am from the people that stand with youI am from my sisters that have my backI am from my experience in lifeI am from the pain that made me strongI am from the voice that I createdI am from falling and standing upI am from the lessons that life taught meI am from my parents that taught me to stand against what’s wrongI am from my family and friends that let me experience life.I am from fighting for my soulI am from bringing joy to my life.
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