Write about the videos in separate please

As a group, use the template provided for action planning to describe how you would engage in social activism to challenge and address the issue(s) presented in your media source. Complete the document as if you were going to execute this action plan. For example, identify a future date and time along with a specific and a real location for fulfilling your task. Also, assure that each group member is designated ample duties/responsibilities for executing this action plan. Type all responses in the template and upload by the date of your group’s presentation.

Important Questions to Consider

PSAA: Problem, Solution, Act, Action?

What is your group’s mission? How is this action related to your group’s mission?

How will this action impact individuals? How will this action impact related institutions?

Should you partner with any orgs/agencies (i.e. consider intersection represented or not in your group)? If so, which?

What is the goal/desired outcome of the action? How will you assess the outcome of your action

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