Write a ted talk like paper 3 pages double spaced

In response to our TED talks, what is *YOUR* big idea worth sharing about your religion? Please note that you will create your own unique, thematic title because you will create your own well-defined, precise, insightful thesis for this essay that uses at least four (4) of our ~10 TED talks screened in class. Be creative and critical, balancing form and content to earn an “A” according to our holistic grading scale. This is YOUR argument; NOT a summary of the TED speakers! Just add the speakers as supporting evidence to YOUR original ideas. The final will be CLOSED notes but you can plan the essay in advance: prepare an outline that you can recreate; know your supporting quotes; memorize the experts’ names, IDs (brief bios/credentials), and titles of their talks. Do your best to prepare and remember (summarize or paraphrase) quotes you want to use to hone your memory skills (ancient storytellers memorized entire epics). A blue book has eight (8) sheets; plan to write 4-6+ solid pages

Dear tutor,

Please use at least 4 ted talks from below as support of “religion Idea”. You could find them written if you google;which will save you time of watching the ted talks

NOTE: Be sure to identify the speaker!

“East vs. West: The Myths That Mystify,” Devdutt Pattanaik

“The Skill of Humor,” Andrew Tarvin

“What Skill = An Awesome Life?” Dr. Shimi Kang

“Atheism 2.0,” Alain de Botton

“Why I Chose Humanism Over Faith,” Leo Igwe

“My Stroke of Insight,” Jill Bolte Taylor

“Teach Teachers How to Create Magic,” Christopher Emdin

“What Happens When You Reply to Spam,” James Veitch

“Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator,” Tim Urban

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