week 4 -reflection-assignment

Video Many Rivers to Cross Episode 4

Reflection Paper


Please write a summary that includes answers to the following questions:

  • In the video, historian Giddings states that during the migration, there were opportunities for African Americans to find themselves and “get the boot off their neck.” The narrator then goes on to discuss what this means.Please discuss in the first paragraph what contributed to the boot on African American’s necks.What laws created the boot on African American’s neck. Discuss the extreme measures that were used to uphold the laws.
  • Are African Americans completely free of the oppression experienced during slavery?How might the oppression experienced during the time period discussed in the video (1897-1940) still be impacting African American’s today?In what way does past oppression (this is not to imply that there isn’t oppression of AA today) that contribute to the struggles of African Americans today (there are multiple ways to look at this)?
  • What was the role of William Edward Burghardt Dubois in shaping history for African Americans in American?Discuss who he was and name at least two examples of things he did (actions) that contributed to historical changes for African Americans in America.
  • Discuss one African American (other than William Edward Burghardt Du Bois) in the video that asserted their vision for a better society.What was their role, what were they responsible for doing?In what way did this person’s actions contribute to African American history in America?
  • What does the Harlem Renaissance represent in American history?Discuss two examples of African American culture born or made popular during the Harlem Renaissance.

Your summary should be typed in 12pt Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial font with one-inch page margins.Please read through your reflection paper for grammar and spelling mistakes before submitting.The paper should one paragraph response for each of the questions listed above.Please write it as one paper without separate headings for each question.Please also include your name on your paper.

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