Week 1 Task 1

Write a five-page essay with introduction and conclusion that defends an argument in response to an ethical problem or debate that you think demands more attention.

Topic: Immigration and DACA Division

You must cite at least one of the texts we have read for class

Your essay should address the following questions (directly or indirectly)

o What’s the problem or debate?
o What makes it an ethical problem or debate? Why is it an ethical problem?
o Why should it matter to us, or why should we care, or what is really at stake? Or what are the larger implications of not addressing this problem?
o What’s the most reasonable way to respond to the problem and why?
o What does your argument reveal about your basic ethical principles?
o Are you more of Kantian (deontologist), more of an Aristotelian (virtue ethicist), or more of a Singer-style utilitarian when it comes to analyzing this ethical problem and why?

Must be in MLA with at least 3 outside sources, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12pt.

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