View 3 websites and write 1 Rheotrical Precis for Each. Very Easy

Here are the 3 websites:…

Each précis should include

a) in a single coherent sentence, the name of the author, author’s profession, and title of their work, a rhetorically accurate verb (e.g., assert, argue, deny, refute, prove, disprove, explain), and a “that” clause containing the main claim of the work;

b) in a single coherent sentence, an explanation of how the author develops and supports the major claim with key subclaims that are specifically named, between commas or semi-colons, including a citation;

c) in a single coherent sentence, the author’s purpose, followed by an “in order to” phrase; and

d) in a single coherent sentence a description of the intended audience and/or the relationship the author establishes with the audience and/or perceived biases of the author.

ALSO for each Rhetorical Precis please answer these questions:

1. How sound is this source and why?

2. What do you find strong or especially agree with based on your current understanding and

3. What do you find weak, fallacious, or especially disagree with based on your current

understanding and why?

4. Has your thinking about your chosen topic changed as a result of this source and why/why


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