Vietnam war

Instructions: In this content page, you have 6 steps to complete that involve a video, readings, and a short assignment. This content page is about the Vietnam War. It is certainly the most controversial wars the United States has waged, and its consequences still impact American life today. In this section, we will take in in-depth view of the war. Based upon the readings and your experiences, there is a short essay and art work assignment.

Optional Prelude Step: Watch Ken Burn’s documentary on the Vietnam War. You can watch it for free on YouTube. This would provide a comprehensive understanding of the war for those of you who know little to nothing about it. As a WARNING, for students who suffer from post traumatic stress, the documentary contains explicit content of war. Use your discretion to watch it or not. Watching it is NOT a requirement of the class. Click on the following link to go to the first episode:

The Vietnam War PBS Episode 1: Déjà Vu (1858-1961)

Step 1: Read James Loewen’s chapter on the treatment of Vietnam in history books:

Vietnam Loewen

Step 2: Watch “The Fog of War” documentary. It is about the life of Robert McNamara (U.S. Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War):

The Fog of War Movie

Step 4: Think about what you were taught (if anything) about the Vietnam War prior to this class. Also, think about how what you have learned in this Vietnam section impacts your view of U.S. global power and the uses and abuses of military power. Describe what you had learned about Vietnam prior to the course, and how this module impacts your view of U.S. military interventions around the globe or your trust in the government. Write roughly 250 words.

Step 5: Think about the “Fog of War” movie and Loewen’s article. With this content in mind, create a work of art that expresses your “image” or “vision” of either the Vietnam War, your contemporary view of the United States’ militeristic role in the world, or how your trust in the government has changed. Your atwork can be a cartoon, a drawing/painting, a collage, a poem, or any other art form. Your atwork should make explicit references to what you have learned about Vietnman and U.S. power. You will not be graded on the aesthetic value of the artwork, but on the quality of the intellectual and emotional connections you make. Make those connections in roughly 250 words.

Step 6: Embed your artwork and 250 word connection (step 5) with your 250 word story (step 4) in a Microsoft Word document.

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