USF Diversity and HealthCare Blog Assignment

Diversity and Health Care Blog Requirements:

Now that you have researched, focused, organized, and gotten some feedback on your work thus far, you are ready to write. For a full description of the Diversity and Health Care Professional Blog assignment, please revisit the assignment description here. Only the requirements are included below.

Diversity and Health Care Blog Minimum Requirements:

Note: Meeting the minimum requirements is necessary for a passing grade of C for this assignment. Above average blogs will exceed the minimum requirements, and will clearly aim to engage audiences through text, tone, links, visual aids, and well executed formatting.

  • Word count: 550-1000 words
  • You must use a minimum of 5 sources for full credit in this section of the rubric. Your sources will be listed at the bottom of your blog, under the heading “References.” Note: your reference list must NOT be annotated. You must also provide in-text citations, which should be hyperlinked when possible – remember that if you needed a username and password to access a source (such as through the library), your hyperlink may not work, or will be inaccessible to some. Instead, link to a publicly available copy or abstract of your source.
  • Use hyperlinks throughout your blog post. Hyperlinks can be embedded utilizing the toolbar at the top of your text entry area in the Canvas discussion board where you will submit your work.
  • Integrate appropriate visuals, such as charts and graphs, which must be referred to in the text and cited appropriately. Consider using Gapminder (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. tools to help you present your data effectively. You can also insert pictures, videos, and graphs into your blog post using the toolbar at the top of the text entry area in the Canvas discussion board where you will submit your work.
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