UNM Wild Geese By Mary Oliver Poem Analysis

Write an essay in which you interpret the overall meaning (or message) of a single poem from those we read. Choose a poem which you feel provide enough depth and material for your essay. Make sure to express the meaning or the message in a clear thesis statement. The best way to approach this essay would be to ask yourself: “What’s the single message, or lesson, the poet is trying to get across?” If you can answer that question, you will be on your way to developing an arguable thesis. A thesis statement will look something like this: “In the poem [ insert name of poem], the author [name the author] suggests that [insert a claim that is arguable]. For example: ” In the poem, “The Vigil”, the poet Rumi suggest that human beings have an innate need for spiritual companionship that ultimately finds us.


This is the poem.

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