Understanding Post Modern Architectural Theory

2. Assignment Description

Individually you will work on the assignment which looks into post-modern Western architecture. It focuses on the theory of 6 main architects of Post Modernism.,
Robert Venturi (Chapter 1-topic 1)
Michael Graves (Chapter 1 – topic 3)

Robert Stern (Chapter 1 – topic 5)Aldo Rossi (Chapter 10- topic 1)
– Tadao Ando (Chapter 10 – topic 1)- Peter Eisenman (p174-181)

– Philip Johnson (from page 100)
– James Stirling (James Stirling, speech 1957, quoted in Contemporary Architecture p230)

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Click https://www.dezeen.com/2015/07/23/guide-to-postmodern-architecture-design-glenn-adamson/ l

The assignment aims to develop your understanding of post- modern architecture in general and specific architectural theories developed at the time. This is achieved by doing an in-depth study of one of the architects mentioned above. The assignment also focuses on articles written by the following architects and compiled in Theorizing a New Agenda for Architecture in order to fully identifying their theories and works. The assignment will also look into 2 cases designed by the architect to analyze the theories implemented in the design.

3. Assignment Process

  1. Architect Selection:
    Conduct general research about the 6 architects and choose one to focus on.
  2. In depth research : Conduct in-depth research of your specific architect looking at : 1- education background- who was the architect influenced by?
    2- theoretical approach?
    3- attitude towards modernism?4- attitude toward history as a source of inspiration?
    5- attitude towards the symbolism and its communicate role?
    6- attitude towards the importance of the expressing time, place, culture in design?
  3. Case Study analysis: Choose 2 edifices designed by your architect and analyze and annotated diagrams following the template on moodle.1- Concept
    2- Form
    3- Internal space and user experience (plan space layout)
    4- martials used
    5- response to architectural context (classical / symbolic elements) 6- relationship to site & surrounding context
  4. Conclusion
    Create a conclusion which identifies the main concepts and ideas which your pioneer architect focused on- identifying the main characteristics of modern architecture

Submission Week 12

4. Assignment Requirements

By the end of your research you will need to submit

  1. Research showing your architect’s theories and methods (using the chapter and widerreference)
  2. Visual analysis of the cases – must include written explanations and annotated drawings.
  3. Conclusion of your study.

Your work will be submitted in an A4 typed landscaped document.

The document should Include a title bar that shows : Course name, year, semester, assignment title & instructor’s name and presented in a Post Modern Style.

Combine & balance images & text for part 1 (500 words), add references, follow APA style. Part 2 visual document should be several pages. Part 3 conclusion page.

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