U.S. History “report paper”

Write a 6 to 7 pages research (report) paper on the topic below were excited or a cover sheet does not count as a page. Do not treat this assignment as a book report

You should use “Out of Many” and the “Voices of Freedom” as your primary text (which you can find their outlines online, so make sure you use those information) , in addition the essay should draw a secondary source and you will be required to cite a minimum of three primary sources. If you are quoting an author make sure you cite them however use codes succinctly. The bulk of the essay should be written by you. Your paper should include an introductory paragraph, Thesis, and a conclusion. Please use the MLA format.

Here is the topic:

“In what ways did indigenous people resist removal by way of federal US policies do you were in the late 18th and 19th century? Who were the Americans who spoke out against such policies? What where the primary arguments for and against the removal or the encroachment of land occupied by indigenous people? How did acquisition of lands change the internal structure or content of American society for indigenous people, women, laborers, slaves, and other “unimportant” people?”

Please discuss any treaties, acts, ideas or policies that contributed to the acquisition of indigenous lands.

NO Plagiarism please!!!!!

let me know if you have any questions.

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