Topic 3 DQ 2-1

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Please write a comment base on the text below. Include reference and citation if need it.

The three different levels of health promotion primary, secondary, and tertiary vary in the roles they play. Primary prevention occurs before anything has begun. Examples of primary prevention include; vaccinations, wellness visits, and annual exams. Keeping up with primary preventions will allow prevention of any illness, and allow for the earliest of detection. Secondary prevention begins with early treatment. “Secondary prevention focuses on the early detection and treatment of disease processes before they progress and cause irreparable damage” (Falkner, 2018). Secondary prevention includes early treatment and frequent screenings. Tertiary prevention begins when the disease has progressed greatly. “The focus of this level of prevention is to help the patient achieve some semblance of normalcy and acclimate back into their lives and society” (Falkner, 2018). Some prevention measures during this stage include providing proper resources, medical equipment and even further education to help adapt to a new lifestyle change.

Level of care varies amongst these three prevention levels. Someone who is being educated in the primary prevention stage might not need as detailed of information and attention as someone who is in the tertiary prevention stage. Someone who is in the tertiary prevention stage may be experiencing barriers to learning such as denial, or lack of resources. It is important for a nurse to always educate to prevent advancing to the next stages. However, level of care does greatly change through progression of stages.

What are some examples of prevention you have experienced as individual? Do you keep up with primary prevention measures? if so what are they?

Falnker, A (Ed). (2018). Health promotion:Health Promotion in Nursing Care the continuum. Retrieved from


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