Topic 1 DQ 1

Question Description

Please write a paragraph with your opinion based on the text bellow. Please include citations and references in case you need to used for the question:

The term “healthy community” is very complex to define because ‘health’ connotes different things to different persons. To some individuals, it may denote being disease-free. To others, it may mean maximum-possible health. (Trujillo & Plough, 2016). This student prefers to see a healthy community as any population where individuals are able to enjoy optimum physical, economic and emotional health. Such society may not necessarily be disease-free. It also need not be an economic Eldorado. It would be enough if the community has access to the best-possible healthcare available to other modern communities. (Tiedje, Wieland, Meiers, Mohamed, Formea, Ridgeway & Sia, 2014). Additionally, there is a strong link between poverty, stress and diseases. (Fisher & Stuteley, 2012). To be considered healthy therefore, a community ought to be able to afford basic human needs like food, shelter and water. A healthy community should have good schools to educate the populace. The rationale is that ignorance breeds diseases. There should also be enlightenment campaigns on wellness programs available to members of the public.

There are several characteristics shared in common by healthy communities. They all have easy access to a good healthcare system and good schools. Healthy communities take public enlightenment seriously. Healthy communities recognize the relationship between poverty, stress and sickness and therefore strive to eradicate poverty as a veritable means to combat illness. Healthy communities boast of affordable housing, food, water and shelter. Healthy communities also create environments which enable members of the community to exercise and engage in other health-promoting activities. In a nutshell, for a community to be considered healthy, the members must be functional relative to their age and health. The members of such community while not being problem-free, must be satisfied with the lives they live. (Maurer & Smith, 2009)

Providing care in a community which does not meet up with the requirements of a healthy community can be challenging. This student will identify and recognize the challenges facing the community and employ modern technology to assist in educating the members of such community. For instance, it has been found that social media can be a veritable tool for the promotion of good health in a given community. (Sara & Sarah, 2018). This student would also seek collaborative care for members of such community as a way of adopting an interdisciplinary approach. That is not all. Getting government involved in the provision of basic amenities which include security would be absolutely necessary. A society cannot be healthy unless it is secure.


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