Think of a social justice issue about which you have some passion.

Question:Think of a social justice issue about which you have some passion. What existing networks might be available (internationally, nationally or locally) to organize change efforts regarding the issue? What are two or three cultural frames that would motivate people to engage in collective action on the issue? How important do you think emotions are in motivating people to participate in social movement activity? How important are social movements in the search for social justice?

Guidelines:Write a response to the questions listed below in essay format using APA guidelines. Your response should be a minimum of 750 words with a minimum of 2 resources (not including your book) to support your response. Do not forget to use proper in-text citation! If you paraphrase information that is not yours, cite it (author’s last name, year). If you use direct quotes for a source, cite it with a page or paragraph number (author’s last name, year, p. ?).

Your resource cannot be more that 5 years old, and it CANNOT be from a .com site.

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