The Peace Process Conflict between Israel and Palestine Argument essay

In May 2011, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress and in his speech (beginning at roughly 46:00) outlined his vision for peace with the Palestinians. In September of that year, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas addressed the United Nations seeking a peaceful settlement of the conflict by requesting the UN to grant statehood for Palestine.

Critically analyze these two speeches. How do these two speeches differ in the way they characterize the basic issue of the peace process as they emerged from the Madrid Conference (1991) and the Oslo Accord (1993)? How do the two leaders assign blame and responsibility for the impasse? Why, according to each has the peace profess foundered? How do they differ in their attitudes about international institutions such as the UN and UN resolutions? How do the differences in the balance of power between the two affect the negotiating positions of both leaders? How do they differ on notions of “compromise?” how do both leaders argue about the fundamental pathways and constraints to peace?

The argument need to be choosen from the sample arguments.

Please only use the resources I have listed on the requirement doc and ppt as resources.

Please write it as easy as you can, don’t use long sentences.

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