The Invention of the Automobile

Please show how the invention of Automobiles changed America economically, socially and geographically. Research paper need 3-4 full typed pages, using 12 font. Times New Roman, double spaced and 1 inch margins.

The first page begins with heading double space and Title. There is a header in the upper right hand corner with last name and correct page number.

The title of articles used are in quotation marks and the title of books are under lined.

Please include Intro paragraph that contains 3-4 sentences attention getter, sufficient back ground information, a thesis and previews. Make sure thesis statement includes a “so what” component.

Include Citation/Quotes at least 2 per body paragraph.

Please indent each paragraph with no additional spaces.

Make sure one paragraph have a persuasive main idea and is supported by detail research

Conclusion reintroduces the main points of the paper, restates thesis and end with a strong final statement.

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