The Communist Manifesto

It’s important to take notes as you read and really delve into the meaning of these readings. The first book is one of the most important books that has shaped the world we now live in. Globally, there are countries that have organized their society, economy, and politics based on the ideas of Marx and Engels. The transformation of modern Europe and modern China are impressive examples of how these authors’ ideas have been materialized. With that said, let’s get into the book.

Read the first half of “The Communist Manifesto”.

Take notes as you go.

Turn these notes into a one page outline.

Convert this outline into a one-paragraph summary paragraph.

Your summary should follow this format:

1. The first sentence of the summary should contain what you think is the main idea of of this section of the book.

2. The second sentence of the summary contains the correct, MLA-style citation for the book.

3. Then, write five sentences that include the main ideas from the outline.

4. The last sentence of your summary is a restatement of the main idea of the reading section. Do not include your ideas about the reading in the summary–just condense the reading into a one paragraph re-statement of the reading’s ideas.

5. The last step is to read over your summary and correct the sentence structure, punctuation, a spelling. Proofreading is important. No writing errors are allowed.

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