Social & Economic Order Issues In French Revolution Discussion

After reading Chapters Four and Five and the materials on the Week Three Module, please pick one of the following options. Please remember, I am looking for your main post to be a minimum of 400 words.

Option A: What were the leading ideas of the Enlightenment and how did those ideas respond to specific concerns of eighteenth-century Europeans? Be sure to include the characteristics of the ideal of the Philosophe and how it contributed to the Enlightenment as an intellectual movement and explain the different points of view about society and government were prevalent among Enlightenment writers. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Option B: Explain the economic and social order issues that were the origins of the French Revolution. Be sure to discuss the key events that led to the destruction of the Old Regime’s class system during the French Revolution. In what ways was the Constitution of 1791 and the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen statements of democracy and equality that reformed French society/politics and in what ways are they not?

You also respond to one other student during the same time period .The response should be a minimum of 150 words. I do not want you to simple agree or disagree, but rather comment on why you agree or disagree, raise more points, indicate commonalities or differences, discuss the issue in relation to our readings, and/or raise new questions about which we can all think.

Option A:
The Enlightenment began in 1650-1800, and around this time ; lots of great ideas and new inventions being discovered. The Scientific method played a big role in this age of time because it was strong enough to question the church’s idea of having all the answers. That myths and truths can be solved but all it had to take was the science route. The scientific method would be placed to have it purposes and opening discoveries on how the world operates , the human body and the way gravity exists. Even though , it was a dangerous business to be a scientist because of higher kings wanting to eliminate science and focus only on the church’s word ; did not stop the minds of our great engineers and scientists of our time . The aspiration for intellectual progress ; such as Hobbes , Locke, Descartes , Bayle , Leibniz and spinoza. This was the pure century of philosophy par excellence ; involving these men. Once men as Issac Newton principals of gravity came to be , it discovered new paths and the scientific revolution came to be in the 1540-1700. Filippo Brunelleschi created the mathematical ratio production and how that came to be. Science started fast and constrained its purpose and methods to lay on the thought of an independent force with power and authority to change the old and construct a new. But once science got involved and started to change the minds and the way of life. People began to have a new focus and not receive all their power from the church’s. The new goals began to begin with focusing on only human achievement , money , and the upper class level. The truth and learning new hypothesis in science and tests always called for of updating our books of knowledge , so they don’t try and fail at something they have already tried for. The mechanical clock was a big invention and helped folks construct a solid way of time management and the discovery to when the days , hours , minutes and even seconds of passing. The Roman ways and the eye for true power ; always kept hitting the surface. A famous astronomer and engineer was charged with a crime of being too driven into science and what it stands for. The man was able to say a few words before starting the trial. His name was Galileo Galileti and he was the one who produced the telescope. The words he stated were ,” I do not believe the same God who has endowed us with senses , reason and intellect has intended us to forget their use.” Truthfully those words are powerful and true and science opened doors that no person could open without the help of learning through the scientific method.

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