Shulevitz’s In College & Hiding from Scary Places Essay Assignment

I need a draft and an essay.

For your first essay, you will be responsible for writing an account of an academic text’s argument. Specifically, you will focus on Judith Shulevitz’s “In College & Hiding from Scary Places.” In your essay, you will need to focus on the following elements: i. Identify: Who is the author? What is her credibility to speak on the subject? ii. Identify: Who is the intended audience? iii. Analyze: What is the context of the article? Why is the context important? How does the context affect the argument being made? iv. Analyze: What is Shulevitz’s purpose for writing the article? v. Identify & Analyze: What is Shulevitz’s primary claim? vi. Identify & Analyze: What evidence does Shulevitz use to support her claim?

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