short write assignment

This week’s readings may seem dissimilar at first. “The Yellow Wall-Paper” is a fictional short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and “The Case for Birth Control” recounts Margaret Sanger’s difficulties in trying to provide adequate health care to women. While stylistically different, both readings highlight discrimination against women at turn of the twentieth century, particularly within the medical field, and each authors’ activism within the women’s rights movement.

Using the Gilman and Sanger readings, write a 3 page paper that analyzes the status of women in American society at the turn of the twentieth century. Using specific details from both readings, describe what each author finds restrictive, problematic, or damaging about turn-of-the-century gender roles. Your argument should include a discussion of women’s medical care. In addition, discuss the solutions to the problem of gender discrimination proposed by Gilman and Sanger. follow MLA

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