Saturday Evening Girls (2000-2500 words = 7-8 pages)

Essay on Saturday Evening Girls. Course: Survey of American Ceramics.

Summarize your findings in 2000-2500 words, using fully labeled captions as needed to make your point. A labeled illustration will include the artist, title, date, material, collection and source of image. Please consult the following book for guidance with grammar/style/citations, etc. Kate Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses and Dissertation; Chicago Style for students and Researchers, 2007.

The submitted text should be in Times New Roman font, 12-point, 1.5 spaced. Please use a variety of scholarly sources, both online and in print, to support your work.

1. I am attaching an article by the professor of the course, so you could see her style and what she expects from writing (falino.example.article).

2. I think the theses should be just like the one from the research paper on The Renaissance Medicine that you wrote (I am also attaching the outline of the Renaissance one just in case). Again, how this group of ceramic artists contributed, why were these women so special, and maybe one page maximum about this company Saturday Evening Girls becoming a part of Paul Revere Company – how and what were the reasons. Focus on Saturday Evening Girls, not Paul Revere. Talk about feminism, immigration, art and crafts movement and maybe take 2-3 objects that they made as an example,each object 1-2 paragraphs in catalog entry style would be nice, I think.

3.The most important sources:

-Nonie Gadsden. Art & Reform, 2006

-Meg Chalmers, Judy Young. Saturday Evening Girls Paul Revere Pottery, 2005

-Wendy Kaplan, The Art that is Life: The Arts and Crafts Movement, 1998

4. Here are some more sources:


Check out the bibliography In this article, they have a lot of sources, too.…

You can also mention the exhibitions, whether their pieces were mass-produced, who started the group etc.

I will search for more sources and send them to you.

If you have any questions, let me know.

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