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Disasters are divided into several categories. One of the categories is an internal disaster (within the confines of the hospital). No matter what are the reasons, well-prepared HICS and increasing efficiency in hospitals for any circumstances are really fundamental. There was a study conducting in Iran on the challenge of HICS. Based on the result that was found regarding the inefficiency of HICS are complete of misunderstanding of the HICS’s component and feature, lack of adequate training of the staff, and lack of localization HICS in Iran. Therefore, there should be sufficient and appropriate planning, a good coordinating between the organizational in the incident, provide adequate training, planning for long term strategies, and finally working with the Quality Management System by using component to build HICS with regard to the circumstances in Iran.

All the hospital employees need to be trained in HICS since we do not know when the disaster will strike and who will be there in that exact time. Along with that HICS will give all the employees more supportive information during the incident and critical aspect of the management position.

All the hospital employees need to receive their training based on their positions. Each level has to receive their designated training to successfully implement the Hospital Incident Command System.

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Hospitals should be the first facilities in the healthcare system which is fully prepared for disasters. Hospital Incident Command System will increase the efficiency of a hospital during a disaster. When we apply the HICS, the hospital will meet various objectives includes timely response to the incident, security of the responders, management of the incident and ensuring the efficient use of resources. However, some challenges that associated with HICS implementation such, failure to understand the objectives and demonstrate them, failure to match the existing organization with the target organization, low compatibility, lack of coordination between hospitals in the different region. The solutions to these challenges may be a training program that enhances staff capabilities.

All staff needs to be trained in HICS because as stated in the Healthcare Emergency Management: Principle and Practice that everyone involved in the disaster response is responsible for their task, communication and their own and other safety. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are playing a significant role in community disaster preparedness and response. As a result, all employees of healthcare facilities must be trained in HICS so they will be capable of functioning in various areas during the disaster. Also, all hospital executives should receive training in disaster management and incident command because it will enable supervisors to function in their roles when disaster strikes.

Yes, different staff should receive different levels of training in HICS. According to NIMS, not everyone will need to have the same training in HICS. Personnel designated to fulfill ICS roles should take ICS-700 AND ICS-100, includes physicians, nursing, materials resources management personnel, laboratory, and radiology staff. Personnel designated as middle management personnel should take ICS-200. Personnel whose primarily responsible for emergency management within the facilities should take ICS-800

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