research paper

no internet sources, course reader or book sources Write an insightful, thorough essay that answers the following question:

Most historians agree that the Enlightenment was a significant influence on the French Revolution. However, on the whole, do you think the French Revolution was more of a fulfillment or a betrayal of Enlightenment ideals? Offer three major examples to support your position, and be sure not to completely ignore counterarguments and examples.

To write a successful essay that answers this question, you need to:
• Decide whether you think the French Revolution was more of a fulfillment or betrayal of Enlightenment ideals. (You may discuss elements of each, but your essay should make clear in its argument which, on the whole, you think is truer).
• Go beyond just summarizing or describing the Enlightenment and/or French Revolution—you need to offer a thesis that takes a clear position on the question, and then use your essay to support this argument with convincing evidence.
• Use examples and evidence from lectures as well as readings on both the French Revolution and the Enlightenment to support your argument. Essays that do not use any of the primary source readings will not receive a passing grade.

The Rules

• Due Date: March 14, at the beginning of class, printed (not emailed).
• Length: 900-1100 words. This will come out to roughly 3-4 pages, depending on your font and margins, but it must be at least 900 words. (You need not count the words yourself—any word-processing program will have a word count tool. It’s OK to go a little over 1100 words. It is not OK to submit less than 900).
• Format: your essay should be double-spaced, and typed in a reasonable 12-point font with standard margins (Hint: nothing makes you look more desperate than using a font like Courier New that noticeably stretches the text. If in doubt, use Times New Roman).
• Please highlight or underline your thesis sentence in your introduction, and make sure you attach your Pre-Submission Checklist (page 4 of this assignment guide) to your essay.

• This is not a research paper, but a paper designed to evaluate how well you can use material from this class—readings, lectures, and discussions—to present and support a convincing historical argument. Therefore, you may not use sources from outside our class.

• All quotes or references to specific reading passages must be properly cited to avoid plagiarizing. If you have any questions about what does and does not constitute plagiarism (some cases of plagiarism are due more to carelessness than an intention to cheat), do not hesitate to ask me.

• To cite a source (the book or a document) from our class, you need only put the author’s name in parentheses at the end of the sentence that contains the quote or reference, followed by the page number. For example: “Man was born free, but

everywhere he is in chains” (Rousseau, 19). Note that the quotation mark comes at the end of the quote, while the final punctuation comes after the parenthetical citation.

• You need not cite lecture material.

• Since all of your sources will be drawn from this class, you do not need to include a Works Cited page.

• Since history is a collaborative effort, you may work together with your classmates as you think about the issues involved in writing your essay. However, you are on your own for the writing process, and your final essay must be your own unique product.

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