Research Journal -liyang

My topic is this one: Is GMO food really a solution to our food shortage for the future?

Use my research topic and find three academic articles for write this assignment. Detailed writing instruction is post in the attached file. Use the student example, write one similar format to that one. APA format.


Your research journal is a place to organize and reflect on all the information you are finding about your research topic. It is a place to start collecting evidence and to think about its use in your paper. It also helps you make connections between your articles’ information. For your research paper, a single body paragraph should have evidence from different sources. This makes an argument more convincing. If more than one source is agreeing on a point, the reader feels it is a stronger argument. You will find these connections between your articles in this journal. Additionally, the research journal is a lower stakes assignment to practice your APA references and MS Word document formatting before you turn in your research paper. Basically, this journal will help you develop your paper before you start to write it.

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