race homework 3

Race and Ethnicity SLSO 1040/SOCL1034

Summer 2018

Assignment Three (20 points):

1. Follow the movie “The Story We Tell.”

2. Please submit a written essay of about three and a half pages

in length relating to the movie, and focusing on the

relationship between stereotype, prejudice and

discrimination. Your essay must show critical analysis of the

problem of race in America, and must include answering

these questions:

a) Briefly explain how Americans have been told about race

and how this has historically shaped the relationship

between Whites and Non-Whites in America?

b) Briefly describe how the dominant group has historically

controlled minority groups? (through what forms of

institutional mechanisms?)

c) Briefly describe what kind of contradictions emerge when

looking at the general narrative and ideology of race and

in America and how it compares with the ideals of

America as a free and democratic society?

Please see accompanying grading rubric.

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