QSO 625 SNHU Week 7 Assignment Prompt – CE Diagram

Week 7 Assignment Prompt – CE Diagram

For your project (see project charter attached):

  • Select a likely subset of theories (potential Xs) from the CE diagram that you want to test & validate with data using hypothesis testing.
  • You will then develop a data collection plan for the Analyze phase (for hypothesis testing).
  • Write out the hypothesis tests.
  • Use the data (real or created) to run the hypothesis tests.

For additional details, please refer to the Process Diagrams Rubric document (attached).

I am adding the information below in a effort to make this assignment easier:

—> Please use my Project Charter & Measure Phase papers (also attached) – which is needed to complete this assignment.

—> All notes for this assignment are included in the attached word.doc “Week 7 Assignment Prompt Notes_Analyze Phase“. This document includes this week’s Module Overview, all web links needed for the assignment, Instructor Notes, & My Notes. In the section “My Notes” there is a link to the FireBrand Training Manual which provides a step-by-step slides for the full Analyze Phase on pages 193-262. I have simplified parts of the section in the attached word.doc “Week 7 – Example of a Cause Effect Diagram and Hypothesis Testing” Here is the link: http://www.firebrandtraining.co.uk/pdf/learn/six-s…

—> This is more so a Cause & Effect Diagram (Fishbone Diagram) using the 4 Input Variables outlined in the word.doc “Week 6 Assignment – The Measure Phase“, performing a hypothesis test, writing it out, and running it. Does not have to be a long paper but diagrams must be include within the paper.

—> Add scholarly sources for citations & references.

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