Project Plan of 8–10 pages; Summary of Changes of 1–2 pages

Question Description

Type:Group Project

Unit: Project Planning

Deliverable Length: Project Plan of 8–10 pages; Summary of Changes of 1–2 pages

Assignment Description

This course is comprised of a series of project steps that will constitute the execution of a software engineering project plan that was prepared in SWE481 Software Engineering Capstone I. The projects completed each week in this course will be performed by the group that you worked with in SWE481. As a group, you will use the collective plan that your group created in SWE481 to guide you through the implementation of the project. Each week, your group will complete parts of the project, and your group will also submit status reports, partial implementations of the application, and other information related to specific phases of the project to show your progress. This course is your opportunity to participate in a real development project with all of the accompanying challenges. You will also have the opportunity to show what you have learned in the courses that you have taken up to this point. Your final deliverable will be the Key Assignment for the course, which will be comprised of the completed application and the final project information, so be sure to adhere to your plan and your project will be a success.

Remember, your instructor is your supervisor, and you will be accountable for your group’s performance just as you would be in a real-world software engineering project. You will be graded based on your individual and group performance, so be sure to work as a team and do your part as an individual.The Key Assignment will include the following tasks:

  • Planning (Week 1)
  • Implementation (Week 2)
  • Monitoring and controlling project risks (Week 3)
  • Quality assurance and testing (Week 4)
  • Project closure, deployment, and maintenance (Week 5)

Assignment Details:

The deliverables for this week are the following:

  • Make sure the team members in your group from SWE481 are still available. This process will require communication with your instructor because the information about the groups may not be available to him or her. You should send an e-mail to the instructor immediately to identify the members whom you worked with in SWE481. The instructor will assign a small group area for your group to work in, and you should make contact with your group members in that area so that all communications are well-documented. If there is a change in the group that is necessary because of missing members, contact the instructor immediately.
  • After you have established communication with your team, plan a meeting with the group to review the projects from SWE481 that were completed by the individuals in the group, and select the project that your group will use for this course.
  • Modify the project plan that you created in SWE481 to include an updated project schedule with the correct dates for this course. Assign group members to all of the tasks.
  • Challenge Topic:Review the risks for the project, and ensure that the risk analysis in the project plan is up-to-date. Make sure that there are proper mitigation strategies in the risk analysis to reduce the impact of the identified project risks.
  • Update any other parts of the project plan with your team.
  • Include a summary of changes made to the project plan as a separate document, including a clear description of the work you performed and contributions you made to the project during the week.
  • Zip the project plan and summary of changes document together, and name the file “SWE482_GP1.ZIP.”
  • Submit the updated project plan and the summary of changes document for grading.

Our group agreed that our project will be Developing an Airline Reservation System using XP Methodology

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