Principles of Management

The book provides the example “Silicon Valley and the “Brogrammer” Culture which discusses how female-led venture-backed companies tend to earn more revenue than male-led companies, but women are significantly underrepresented among the tech companies of Silicon Valley, long a male stronghold.

Watch Reshma Saujani’s TED talk “Teach Girls Bravery not Perfection.” In her 13-minute presentation, Saujani, founder of the nonprofit organization, Girls Who Code, discusses why we as a society need to teach our girls to be brave, not perfect.

In your original post, discuss actions managers can take to attract, retain, and develop female workers in professions or fields that are primarily male-dominated. (9 points for original post)

In your TWO (2) replies to classmates, based on your classmates post, respond with actions managers could take to inspire bravery in female employees. (3 points each)

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