PowerPoint Presentation from previously submitted work (attached)

The most essential, yet problematic, element for IT professionals is communication. The most effective IT executives are those who can communicate technological solutions to a non-technical audience. Writing a technical paper is a great thing, but it’s of little value to those who do the funding.

Create PowerPoint (PPT) presentations for milestone 1-4 (attached) to complement the written papers provided. The presentation for each milestone must include no more than five slides; use the speaker notes section to add narrative explaining each slide. The presentations should be thorough, with enough detail to be informative, but not as detailed as a technical paper. You should submit one PPT document that contains all four presentations.

The attachments are answers to the following milestones:

1. Milestone (1) : Answer to “Comprehensive Lifecycle Plan”

Scenario: This organization has 5000 employees who are in several locations within the continental United States. Most of the company’s computers are Windows 7 PCs/laptops. The organization has no special PC needs for employees with specialized skills, such as CAD operators and engineers. Employees in this organization rely heavily on the PCs they use to complete day-to-day tasks.

Based on the above scenario, develop a comprehensive plan for keeping PCs upgraded and functional through a proper hardware/software lifecycle. As you develop the lifecycle plan, you are to create a core list of software applications for all computers that should properly complement the needs for efficiency and collaboration among workers. The software requirements should drive the specs for the next round of hardware requirements. With you as the consultant recommending the direction in the first lifecycle, include the specs for the next upgrade for users’ PCs and laptops. Include state-of-the art mobile technology, such as tablets and other smart devices, for professional use only. Personal use of organizational resources is prohibited.

2. Milestone (2) : Answer to ” Network and Server Upgrades

Scenario:This organization has an IPv4-based infrastructure using a Windows 2008 server-based structure. There is a generic shared drive that has turned into a “virtual dumping ground” for files used across departments. Accounting department users do not have access to sales department folders, so this shared folder is the solution for cross-department collaboration. There are many important files that cannot be deleted, but this shared drive is causing a problem.

Based on the above scenario, develop a plan to upgrade the existing network to IPv6 and to upgrade the existing server structure, as well. You must outline the reasons for upgrading both the server and infrastructure and describe the potential risks of doing so. You must also find a sustainable and collaborative solution to eliminate the dependency on the shared drive.

3. Milestone (3) : Answer to “Security Plan”

Scenario: All data is considered sensitive, and all email communications are considered sensitive to classified. All digital assets must be secure, including internal/external communications. Formal policies, procedures, and training are essential elements to securing an organization.

You are the CISO for a Fortune 500 corporation. Based on the above scenario, develop a comprehensive security plan that includes physical, application, operational, and remote security elements. You must also develop and/or adapt a computing use and acceptable Internet use policy for your organization.

4. Milestone (4) : Answer to “Cloud-Based Services”

Scenario: Software as a Service (SaaS) is growing, and cloud-based services cannot be ruled out as a means to streamline IT needs. The cloud offers everything from storage, to email, to productivity applications. Cloud-based solutions allow for savings on IT staff and infrastructure. Based on the solutions provided and the needs of an infrastructure, explore the possibility of utilizing the cloud and cloud-based services to streamline the complete infrastructure.

Based on the scenario above, look at using cloud-based services for business continuity, disaster recovery, storage, and applications, as well as for any other area where its use would prove cost-effective without compromising operations. For every service that is maintained and does not use the cloud, provide a detailed explanation for this choice, including the advantages and disadvantages. For all cloud-based services that will be used, provide a detailed explanation that includes how the decision was made.

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