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Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology NUR111 Guidelines for Philosophy of Nursing APA Paper 

Assignment: The writing of a personal philosophy is a product in process and will likely change along your professional career. In writing a philosophy paper, remember there are virtually no right or wrong answers; it is a written version of your values and views of the world. A personal philosophy is always written through a personal lens even though it may refer to the ideas of published authors in making clear your views. Refer to yourself as “I” rather than “the writer”. A philosophy of nursing should include your perspectives on nurses, nursing, health and illness, health care recipients, policy making, community issues, and other topics, which you feel define your practice as a nurse. 

*Draft: Submit draft 2 weeks prior to due date. Review and revise as necessary. Submit final paper as per course schedule. 

Format: This is an essay to be written in APA style based on course APA Minimum Expectations. Essays must be structurally intact with appropriate grammar, sentence and paragraph composition, spelling, punctuation, and logical, clear essay development (including introduction and conclusion). Begin the paper by introducing yourself to me, the reader, with such information as prelicensure background, years out of school, reasons for returning to school, current nursing practice specialty, and future plans. This journal is due as indicated on the course calendar. Paper length approximately 2-3 pages, excluding cover and reference pages. References are optional. 

Content: Address the following topics as you begin to think about yourself as a nurse and about being a member of this profession. You may, of course, include additional topics you feel are important to your personal philosophy: 

1. About you: Influential experiences, individuals, and/or values that influenced your thoughts and views about nursing. What led you to nursing? Include your “why” here. Type of learner: How do you LEARN/PROCESS INFORMATION the best? 

a. Professional goals. Where do you see yourself in five years? 10 years? 

b. Current social or political issues of most interest to you professionally 

2. Meaning of “health” and “illness” to you. 

3. Recipients of care: Do you feel it is a right or privilege? 

4. Roles of professional nursing in health care, and roles that are not within nursing’s realm. 

5. Ideal qualifications to be a professional nurse 

6. Future of the profession 

7. Provide an example how nursing’s past affects its present and future. 

8. Other information you wish to include 

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