Philosophy of nursing in comparison to theory

Question Description

Topic – Personal Philosophy of Nursing in Comparison to Florence Nightingales’ Environment Theory

Includes (2) advantages and (2) disadvantages of the nursing theory you chose. Includes two peer-reviewed journal articles as references. Includes three headings. APA Formatting Use correct APA format including title page, in-text citations, Spelling/Grammar and reference page. Philosophy matches Theory. Personal Nursing Philosphy. Please write essay based on references below.


De Almeida Medeiros, A. B., Cruz Enders, B., & De Carvalho Lira, A. B. (2015). The Florence

Nightingale’s environmental theory: A Critical analysis. Anna Nery School Journal of Nursing Escola Anna Nery Revista De Enfermagem,

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practice. Maryland Heights, MO: Elsevier/ Mosby.

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research focusing on the impact of healthcare environments. Health Environments

Research & Design Journal (HERD) (Vendome Group LLC), 7(4), 19-34

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