Pain killers Medications: pros and cons

Pain killers Medications: pros and cons

Each presentation should present around 20 minutes

Each member of the group should present for minimum 5 minutes (4 people*5 minutes=20minutes total)

PowerPoint requirements:

Engaging and creative: with images, or videos, sounds (video length not more than 1-1:30 minutes)

Minimum text on the slides

No reading from slides or notes

Look at the whole audience/class, not one person

When in front of the class, do not stay all in one place

Manage who will switch through the slides when somebody is presenting

Rehearse individually and as a group

Interact with the audience

A presentation/ppt should include:

There is no minimum number of slides a long as your presentation is around 20 minutes

A Cover page with the names of all presenters, course number and title, Professor’s name, title of the presentation

Introduction slide(s), where you are introducing the topic, explaining its significance. Provide numbers, statistics, if relevant, describe a case if it illustrates an issue well, etc.

Main part of the presentation should include review of the issue/problem/topic (use minimum 5 sources published within the last 10 years)

Practice/research recommendations

Conclusion – what is the main idea that you would like your audience to have after your presentation? Is it a call for action? How can the situation be improved/developed etc? You can address this kind of questions at the conclusion of your presentation.

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