Ohio Nursing Module3 Ethical Principals & Theories

Define each of the ethical principles
Discuss various ethical theories
Apply ethical principles and ethical theories to your own nursing practice
Read the case study, making the Best Choice, on p. 77 of your Burkhardt & Nathaniel textbook.
Explain the ethical principles involved in this case.
In your opinion, does the nurse%u0432%u0402%u2122s obligation to report the incident override the obligation to maintain confidentiality?
What are the options available to the nurse?
What are the possible outcomes of each option?
Does Lora%u0432%u0402%u2122s autonomy outweigh the nurse%u0432%u0402%u2122s responsibility to report the abusive situation?
What would YOU do in this situation, and why?
Include a minimum of 2 references; your textbook may be used as one of the references; other reference(s) must come from peer reviewed journals or professional websites (.gov, .edu and some .org websites- Wikipedia is not a professional reference)
Use APA format
Word limit 200 minimum excluding references.
No direct quotes are allowed in the discussion board posts.
BOOK: Ethics and Issues in Contemporary Nursing.
Author: Margaret A. Burkhardt; Alvita Nathaniel

Case Study

The case study involves a 17-year-old girl that admits she is occasionally physically assaulted by her biological father after a ruptured eardrum is discovered during her exam. She recently moved in with her father after having lived with her mother and stepfather. She does not want to go back to her mother’s home because of sexual abuse by the stepfather (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, (2014). The ethical principles involved in this case includes all of those listed in the book. Autonomy for the right of the patient to choose what living situation is best for her and her ability to come to the clinic to obtain birth control. Beneficence on the nurse’s behalf to prevent or remove harm from the patient. Nonmaleficence on the nurse’s behalf to not cause harm or to remove harm by reporting the abuse. Veracity and fidelity to maintain faithfulness and truthfulness and not make promises to the patient that are said to just make the patient feel better and not able to be kept. Confidentiality of what the patient discloses to the care provider and justice for the patient to receive appropriate care. The obligation of the nurse to report the situation does override the confidentiality the nurse has to the patient even if the patient requests it to not be reported. Nurses in Pennsylvania are mandatory reporters for potential abuse. Since the patient is not an adult, the nurse is required by law to report the suspected abuse of the father and stepfather (Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance, 2017). Though the patient is close to the age of an adult, she is still underage. If she was 14-years-old, it would be an easier decision for the nurse since the patient is not as close to the age of an adult and less able to make certain decisions relating to her well-being.

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