Oakton Community College Humanism in Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex

Please write a 2-3 page essay discussing the following base don the course material:

What is revealed about humanism in Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex? How does humanism blind us? We CAN control our own destiny, but it what cost? What is humanism? What are the crucial parts of the myth? What is Sophocles showing us about humanism (and anti-humanism)?

Include any and all appropriate citation. Use the self-editing guide. No need foe an introduction or conclusion, this is a short answer not a formal essay.

self editing guide

Guidelines for paper writing, a self-editing guide, what I am looking for in your essays: The PRIMARY purpose of any college essay is to demonstrate you have learned the COURSE MATERIAL.

Gateway condition: Before editing your paper, you should have full citation in place.

1. Does the essay demonstrate that I have read, engaged, and considered the relevant texts? One of the things I will be looking for in your papers is that you have taken the time and effort to consider the relevant texts for the assignment. The course will provide all the necessary text to write each paper. There is no external research demand. If you decide to research beyond the course material, please make sure these efforts supplement, and do not supplant, the things we have been studying together.

2. Did I address every part of the assignment?

While digressions, tangents and other insights are welcome, you must respond to every part—each question and prompt—of the writing assignment.

3. Does my paper include an introduction, body and conclusion?

A complete essay includes all three elements. Try outlining your paper at some point. Make sure you do not rush into the body of your paper. An introduction should generate set the stage for your response to the assignment, not directly respond. Great essays will use the introduction and conclusion symmetrically, like parentheses.

4. Is my prose coherent? Does my grammar make sense? Are any of my sentences fragments or run-ons? Have I used punctuation (especially commas and semi-colons) properly? You might consider consulting a style guide to help you with syntax questions.

5. Is my essay properly cited? Is each and every paraphrase and direct quote accompanied by a site? Remember: paraphrasing requires citation!!!

Citation is required whenever and wherever you take words, ideas, thoughts, phrases and any other text from another source. Err on the side of caution. In other words, when in doubt: cite!

6. Are my arguments clear? Do they include clearly pronounced claims, evidence, and warrants? DO I make assertions that need grounding? DO I show my reasoning or simply assert beliefs? Are my claims clearly justified by the relevant texts?

7. Are there any words (especially small words like “like,” “that,” “I,” “very”) that I could omit? Do I overuse any words? Should I consult a Thesaurus about any word(s)? Are there any vocabulary words I could include? Should I look anything up in the Thesaurus? DO I use enough adjectives?

8. Do I overuse pronouns? Could I replace my pronoun with more robust subjects and nouns? Are there any sentences begin with “this is” or “it is”? If so, try another phrase.

9. Am I using adjectives, similes, metaphors and colorful descriptions. Are my nouns enhanced by surrounding them with careful chosen adjectives? Could I add any adjectives that would make my paper stronger? Are my noun phrases too sparse? Could adverbs enhance the power of the verbs I have chosen?

10. Are there any contractions or abbreviations in my essay? If so, spell them out.

11. Am I listing? Do any of the sections of my paper read more like lists, than explained, coherent essay writing? Are any sections lifted directly from my notes without further articulation? Is there a clear distinction demonstrated between notes and my final, polished prose?

11. Is my essay sufficiently polished? Does it meet the demands of a final paper in a college course? Could another draft improve my paper? Should I edit it one more time? Any final paper in a college course should have gone through, at least, three drafts.

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