Nursing Leadership

How should you use your power and authority when dealing with the problem discussed below?    

 Please read the discussion below. I need 2 paragraphs taling about hoe should you use your power and authority when dealing with these issues.       

 Friendships and Truth       

The nursing profession has a significant amount of referent power as a result of the high degree of trust and credibility the public places in them (Marquis & Huston, 2015). Therefore, integrity in all aspects of the nurse’s daily life is integral to defining the nurse’s character. In the scenario described in Figure 13.8 (Marquis & Huston, 2015), a keen understanding of politics is warranted to accurately address this issue. It is important to define authority and power roles within the professional setting between the subordinate and manager. It is wise to establish a professional relationship and clearly, defined goals to avoid ethical dilemmas concerning the manager and subordinate/friend.            

To address the issue with the subordinate, I would listen to her concerns and request that she email the request to me in writing. The subordinate will be referred to the policy on employee injuries in the workplace. In most facilities, employees are advised to report all injuries to the supervisor as soon as possible and report to the Emergency room for evaluation.  I would request that she submit the appropriate employee incident report to initiate her request. The employee health department will perform an assessment, investigation, and plan interventions for the subordinate if warranted. As the manager, I would not address the staff members who suggested that the subordinate’s injury is not work-related. The judicious leader-manager does not concern themselves with gossiping, rumor mills, tardiness, and failure to share the workload. Instead, a good leader refers staff to the standards of practice, the code of ethics and the mission, vision, and values (Marquis & Huston, 2015). However, if I could validate that the nurse is not being honest concerning her injury, I would address her in a professional manner in regards to integrity. I would also re-evaluate the friendship I have with this individual.             


Marquis, B.L., & Huston, C.J. (2015). Leadership roles and management functions in nursing: Theory and application (8th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.    

 What are the political ramifications if the incident is not handled properly?                             

In this particular situation, if the nurse manager does not handle it correctly there may be consequences as a result.  The manager is taking Janie’s actions personal and that should not be the case.  First and foremost, Janie is a subordinate.  All managers begin their appointment with subordinates ready to believe them.  The deference to authority will erode if managers handle employees carelessly, are dishonest, or seem incapable of carrying out their duties.  When a manager loses credibility, the power inherent in his or her authority decreases.                           

The nurse manager must become an expert handler of information and communication.  Coincidently, the nurse manager walked into a room in which a conversation was taking place involving the employee in which she had just spoken with regarding the workers compensation claim.  The manager must be careful not to involve herself in the conversation.  The manager may have heard another story as to how the employee’s injury might have occurred but must delay any decisions until adequate and accurate information has been gathered and reviewed.  Failure to do the necessary homework may lead to decisions with damaging political consequences.  The nurse manager does not want to involve herself in a situation that may be considered to be gossiping.  This could also be perceived as a breach of the employee’s privacy.                         

   Managers must be hesitant and reluctant to corner herself into discussing something in which she knows very little about.  If the manager was questioned by the other employees, the best stance would be to remain neutral and refrain from making any comment on the situation.  Grave consequences can result from sharing the wrong information with the wrong people at the wrong time.                              

   The manager does not want to get caught in a lie.  This is considered to be one of the most politically serious errors that can occur.  To withhold or refuse to divulge information is considered to be a good political strategy, however, lies destroy trust, and leaders must never underestimate the power of trust

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