Music essay

In a 900-word essay (or more) describe the music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance period. How are the aesthetics (musical features) similar or different in each era? You may discuss how cultural events impacted the development of music at a given point in time, and perhaps what you hear and react to in music from each period. Feel free to discuss specific works or general musical values. You need to describe 4 works of music from our listening list( (2 sacred and 2 secular), give 2-3 sentences of personal description about how each works sounds, and then explain how each piece relates to your historical narrative. Please organize your thoughts using paragraphs with topic sentences and a clear organization for your narrative.

the list is shown below

Hildegard, O Rubor sanguinis

Perotin, Viderunt Omnes

Machaut, Messe de Nostre Dame, “Kyrie”

Countess of Dia, A chantar m’er (I Must Sing)

Josquin, Ave Maria

Palestrina, Pope Marcellus Mass,”Kyrie”

Weelkes, As Vesta Was from Latmos Hill Descending

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