Music Analysis I Will Always Love You

For this Discussion, you will need to have read the Music information and viewed the music analysis videos in our first Cultural Arts module. After covering this information, identify one song, any song you like, that you find particularly pleasing. Specifically, you need to give the name of the song, the artist and the music genre. Analyze the theme and delivery of the music. Consider not only the words of the song (if there are any) but also the composition, instruments, melody, tone. Briefly explain the message or feeling the song conveys to you and why you find this specific song important or memorable in your life experience.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t have to be a “life-changing” song. You are welcome to consider any song that you find pleasant or impactful.

Note: You can also post a link to the song ONLY IF you know that there is no copyright infringement to the artist(s) by accessing the content you link. You are not required to post a link to the song.


Posting – Your response to the prompt will need to be a full paragraph with a minimum of five complete sentences.

Responses – You will need to submit a minimum of two responses to postings made by your fellow classmates; your response postings will also need to be a minimum of one paragraph each.

A large, diverse group of people enjoying a live performance at Gräfenhainichen

A view from over a conductor's stand on an elegant concert hall in Katowice

A red neon reads “No music, no life” against a dark background

read this link below…

Some cultural anthropologists suggest that the first languages may have been songs. Human beings, they say, may have chanted songs to each other using repeated rhythms and notes and changing words. That is, language was born, perhaps, as a regular mixture of both words and musical notes. Whether true or not, it is clear that singing is an ancient art form. It is endemic to almost all cultures throughout the world, ancient and highly advanced. Musical instruments were developed early in the history of humankind, as well. Several thousand years before the advent of the first high cultures, possibly many tens of thousands of years ago, people first fashioned instruments from gut strings, reeds, horns, and other natural objects and used them as a complement to their singing. By the time high cultures and written records appeared in Egypt, Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East, well made instruments of varying kinds were a part of those cultures.

watch these videos below

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