Multiple Choice Questions


Given that the antiderivative of f(x) = e4x is F(x) = one fourth times e raised to the 4x power plus C , evaluate the integral from 0 to 2 of e raised to the 4x power, dx . (4 points)


Evaluate the integral from 0 to 2 of the absolute value of the quantity x minus 1, dx . (4 points)


Given G of x equals the integral from 1 to x of the sine of t squared, dt , find G ‘(x). (4 points)


Find the derivative with respect to x of the integral from 1 to x squared of the natural logarithm of t, dt . (4 points)


Determine the interval on which f(x) = ln(x) is integrable. (4 points)

Which of the following sums does not equal the others? (4 points)


Write the summation to estimate the area under the curve y = 2x2 + 1 from x = 0 to x = 4 using 4 rectangles and left endpoints. (4 points)

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