MT 359 Advertising Promotional PR

Produce a Public Relations Event

For this Assignment you are going to design a public relations plan for the Lexus UX in association with an event or cause. You may use sponsorship marketing or cross-promotions for the product brand.

Select an event or cause that matches the product’s market strategy. If you do not have an event available, go to the websites below and select some type of event you believe would work for your product (Lexus UX). Complete the plan using the template provided in Course Documents for Unit 6 Assignment.

Review the following websites:

These are the key areas within event planning. The following three headings should be considered when completing the assignment template found in Course Documents under “Unit 6 Assignment.”

Product Overview:

  1. Product description and brand positioning
  2. Product target market
  3. Publics Affected by the Product and Company
  4. Public Relations Objective

Connection with Event:

  1. Positive image-building activity for the product
  2. Relationship between product and activity
  3. How does participation with this event support public relations objectives?
  4. What potential threats may there be? What contingency plan is there for this potential?


  1. How will you plan to measure the results of participating with this event?

Review the complete Unit 6 Assignment details and rubric.

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