More CEOs Are Getting Forced Out For Ethics Violations By Jena McGregor

You need to find 2 articles on the same topic/issue and the topic/issue must be related to the organizational behavior course (e.g. motivation, personality, ethics violation). The articles should come from a respected news source, such as The Economist, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Newsweek, TIME, Harvard Business Review, and Fortune. Newspapers such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the Chicago Tribune are also good sources, as well as business academic journals. Please do not use articles from websites (e.g. Huffington Post). The two articles do not need to be from the same source. The articles you use must be dated 2008-2018. Also, it is important to find articles that are of enough length so that you can tie points in each to course concepts.

Develop an assignment/paper that addresses the following:

Write a brief introduction to your assignment, providing the title and date/source, etc. of each article and why you chose them.

Provide a summary of each article (what are its key points? Put this in your own words, do not just use quotes). How are the articles alike/different?

Discuss how each article relates to concepts in the course

Conclusion – what is your opinion about the article/issue, reaction to the information in the article, or if relevant, what has happened with this issue more recently.

In developing the paper, you should use subheadings which address the above questions (Introduction, Summary of Articles, Connection to Course Concepts, Conclusion (reaction/comments) to organize the paper. Please note that papers which provide only a summary of the article will lose significant points when graded. The assignment should be written in 12-point font and double spaced. Please include the reference citation for each article using either APA or MLA style at the end.

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