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ENC 1102: MLA Citation Exercise The MLA Citation Exercise supports the required research for essays written in this class. Successful completion will familiarize students with various types of support sources and citation of those sources. Most important, this exercise provides additional practice in the use and citation of research to support academic writing. Each item of this assignment is worth 10 pts., for a potential assignment value of up to 100 points. Please provide an MLA citation for all entries. 1. Borrow a quote from: a. An article on the work(s) of Kate Chopin; b. A book written by a Shakespearean scholar in the last 10 years; Introduce the source and the author, and incorporate the quote, using your own words, and isolating the borrowed material. 2. Cite one of each, in MLA format, and in alphabetical order (textbooks for this course may not be used); a. A book w/one author; b. A book w/one editor c. A book w/multiple authors or editors. 3. Cite a quote from an article in a major print or online newspaper. 4. Locate 2 scholarly journal articles from separate academic journals (English, literature, or humanities) and provide an MLA citation for each. 5. Locate the MLA website, identify a segment of historical or citation content, quote it verbatim, and provide MLA citation. 6. Locate the official biographies for the following writers; a. Zora Neale Hurston b. Ernest Hemingway c. Kate Chopin And provide a citation. 7. Using the Internet, locate a source of Elizabethan history and culture, and provide a brief (one-paragraph) description of its content offerings, along with citation of each page visited on the site. 8. Cite one of each a. A historical play by a major playwright; b. A contemporary or popular drama 9. Using the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), locate, include, and provide an etymology for the word “hypocrite” and provide a citation. 10. Locate 3 secondary sources addressing the work of a writer of your choice. Excerpt a quote and provide a citation for each. a. A biography (book-length); b. A critical analysis of some aspect of the writer’s work; and c. The most recent scholarship addressing themes in the writer’s work, or an article addressing links between the writer’s work and the writer’s life. *Bonus Entry: Using the HCC Internet, locate and quote a statistic from the web site for the US Census, The Center for Disease Control, or the US Department of Labor, and provide a citation (5 points)

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